An agricultural startup monitors its crop health in real-time after we automated its manual operations

After implementing our web-based dashboard and monitoring system, the agricultural startup optimized its response time for better decision making, maintaining crop health and growth, and bringing the team on one page.

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A development partnership enabled an agricultural client to harvest with a greater success ratio

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About the Client

Note: The project description is real, but we can't disclose
the name of our client due to a confidentiality agreement.

The agricultural-based startup operates in France and is focused on becoming a pioneer in automating agronomy operations. It advanced its goal by employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for maintenance and surveillance.

Manual labor work was replaced by robots to analyze crop fields' health, growth status, and cultivation problems. The robots were trained using manual markers to understand different field sections, collect and store crop data, and report back.

Project Timeline

Starting Date:
Dec, 2021
Completion Date:
Jun, 2022
Project Duration:
More than 6 months

The Challenge

As agriculture and farming feature no room for error or delays, businesses in the industry continue to look for ways to better manage risk in harvesting.
The client aimed to automate its manual operations to the maximum to support fast decision-making during peak farming season and rising consumer demand. However, each harvesting season is challenged by climate change, increasing consumer demands and expectations, quality protocols, biodiversity loss, poor terrain, workforce shortage, etc.
Each farming challenge required steadfast supervision of factors of production and rapid decision-making to counter crises. The client needed to put their trust in high-end developers who could efficiently connect their AI surveillance functionality to an actionable module.

Proposed Solution

Idea Concept: Knowing is better than hoping.
TheHexaTown developed a web-based dashboard for automating and monitoring the agricultural startup's crop health and growth in real-time.
Our team established a highly functional and scalable yet easy-to-use dashboard, which was then integrated with the AI robot surveillance system for monitoring.
Dashboard for an agricultural startup

The Highlight of the Web-Based Dashboard

Idea Concept: Everybody deserves a fair chance.
Hexahiring, Market Research

Real-Time Map

Allowing the client to observe each robot`s location while they scanned the field to monitor crop status.
Hexahiring, Market Research

iPad and Tablet Compatibility

Enabling the client to view the dashboard insights on large screens and tablets.
Hexahiring, Market Research

Cloud Infrastructure

Facilitating the client in enhancing maintainability (when needed) in terms of features up-gradation/scalability, and data storage/analysis.
Hexahiring, Market Research

Actionable Module

Encouraging the client to take fast actions from a tablet to run smooth operations - whether it be approving a field for harvest or sharing real-time data among various teams and departments.

Technologies Used


Reliable Partners

For deployment
AWS Elastic Solutions
For database

The Results


The agricultural startup wanted to see real-time updates regarding healthy crop fields operations and indications, but dependency on manual labour and human error limited their decision-making power. This resulted in sensitive time wasted in generating reports and analyzing data.


With the help of a software partner, the client's limitations turned into its strengths. The agricultural startup enjoyed minimal roadblocks to decision-making with the web-based dashboard fit to client specifications, welcoming healthy luscious crop fields, no matter what the risk.
The agricultural startup found a software partner in our TheHexaTown that led their team on a mission to better yield production with minimal human effort & maximum certainty - and succeeded. Implementing a web-based dashboard to startup's operations seemed like a viable solution to counter all prevalent challenges.
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Risk in Harvesting Minimized
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Manual Operations Automated
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Rapid Decision Making Supported

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