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We are a world-class software and mobile app development company with a team of innovative experts, committed to delivering end-to-end solutions across the entire software development lifecycle.
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How Did It Start?

We set foot in the software development and IT consultancy industry in 2019. Our story might not be too old, but it exclaims ‘ever-growing success’. In three years, what we’ve done so far has built our reputation in the industry as a reliable mobile app development company. Meanwhile, we have been fortunate to help amazing start-ups across the world to step forward in scaling their digital products and software businesses.

Meet our founders & partners

The CEO Muhammad Ali and the CTO Haider Ali are the two important pillars and mentors at TheHexaTown, leading this Agile development team to empower your products for overcoming future challenges.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali
Haider Ali
Haider Ali

Meet our talented team members

TheHexaTown boasts a team of exceptional minds dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technological advancements.

Growth of our company

Since 2019, the team of TheHexaTown has gone through a rollercoaster ride of achieving success in one department and moving ahead to its next target. The journey was indeed crazy but everyone gave their best to make it happen.

Our Journey Begins: Bespoke Product Design and Development

When we first established TheHexaTown, our primary focus was on bespoke product design and development. We started by working on our own SaaS products, HexaHiring and Upnote, which are set to launch soon. This laid the foundation for our journey towards innovation and growth.

Team Expansion: Prioritizing Skills Over Experience

At TheHexaTown, we believe that skills are more important than experience. That's why we've been expanding our team with young, talented individuals who are passionate about technology and eager to learn. By prioritizing skills over experience, we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality mobile app development at every step of the way.

Future Goals: Investing in Blockchain and AI

Our biggest achievement in 2022 was the introduction of our Blockchain department. This has allowed us to reach new heights and build exciting new products. Looking forward, we are committed to investing in the Blockchain department to continue creating innovative solutions. Additionally, we plan to incorporate AI into our services to stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Recent projects

Have a look at the following mobile app development projects and read the statements from our clients to learn how do we strive to meet your standards.
Hexahiring Mobile responsive

Hexa Hiring

SaaS, Mern, UI/UX
Hexahiring Mobile responsive

Smart NFC

UI/UX, React Native, Figma
Hexahiring Mobile responsive


CMS, UI/UX, Mern
Asia cup match party

The Culture of TheHexaTown Workplace

At TheHexaTown, we recognize that fostering a sustainable and healthy workplace environment is fundamental to promoting peace, productivity, and good health for all individuals. We remain committed to providing equal opportunities for both personal and company growth, and value the importance of cultivating a culture of appreciation.

Inside TheHexaTown Latest Happenings

Employee happiness and engagement are top priorities at TheHexaTown. That's why we foster a culture that values fun and enjoyment as much as hard work by regularly organizing team events to create a positive and vibrant workplace environment.

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